Keyboards & Organs

We understand the importance of being able to plug in and play. That’s why we make sure all of our keyboards are carefully cleaned and checked, put to factory stock and updated with the latest firmware before sending them out.

As with our stringed instruments, certain organs and pianos have a sweet spot or a “Holy Grail” date range. For various reasons, the best Hammond B3’s were all made between 1958 and 1964 and the best Fender Rhodes between 1972 and 1974. All of our organs and electric pianos were specifically selected with those ranges in mind and were then gone through by some of LA’s finest keyboard techs to “bulletproof” them. Some of LA’s top session players have heralded our keyboards as some of the best sounding they have ever heard. As with all of our gear, they are regularly maintained and have all the best mods to accommodate modern players needs (even our vintage pump organs have been rebuilt by seasoned pros and calibrated to A440). We are constantly upgrading our stock so we can easily accommodate the requests of keyboardists across any genre.

Brands We Carry:

• Access • Akai • Arp • Bina • Dave Smith • Estey • Fender • Hammond • Hohner • Korg • Kurzweil • Leslie • M-Audio • Mellotron • Moog • Nord • Roland • Yamaha • Wurlitzer