There are other companies that offer guitars for rent but none of them can even come close to comparing with the pristine and meticulously maintained selection at Lon Cohen Backline. Each guitar was hand-picked by Lon personally to ensure perfect tone and playability. Our in-house techs adhere to a strict maintenance and prep protocol to ensure that every guitar is perfectly setup, intonated and stabilized so you can rely on a flawless performance for every gig & session.

For instance, when you order a Fender Stratocaster from us, you don’t just get an “off the rack” “cookie cutter” “boat anchor” like from other backline companies, but rather, you might get a 1983 “Fullerton ’62 Reissue” (for example)… One that has the perfect weight and the perfect feeling neck

To see our full stock w/ pictures, please visit our “Studio Collection”