Amplifiers & Cabs

The image of a backline amp that comes to mind is probably one that is held together with gaff tape and most likely has a blown speaker or at least a hum or crackle. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard and regularly maintain our entire amp inventory. Our maintenance protocol is as stringent as it is with our guitars. Tubes are matched, pots and tube sockets are regularly cleaned, speakers are checked and phased and every nut, bolt and screw is tightened to within an inch of it’s life! This is why we are trusted by brands like Marshall, Hiwatt and others as their top and trusted artist center.

Know this… any amp we provide will be as reliable as the day is long and you can take “that” to the bank!

Brands We Carry:

• 65 Amps • Acoustic • Aguilar • Ampeg • Ashdown • Bogner • Diezel • Divided By 13 • Fender • Fishman • Gibson • Marshall • Matchless • Mesa Boogie • Orange • Peavey • Polytone • Roland • Silvertone • Soldano • Supro • SWR • Tone King • Vox