Storage (real)



Storage, Cartage, & Setup

In addition to our other world-class musical services, our offerings also include premium quality storage.

Over the years, you have told us about your unrelenting, industry-wide search for quality storage.  Too often, you’ve complained about other storage facilities being “the place where my gear went to die.” Badly organized storage that maximized your expense and minimized your access with poor service that often led to lost equipment, wasted studio time and deteriorated, even damaged instruments.  When you retrieved your equipment, the only things amplified were your stress, frustration, and cost!

If their storage is a graveyard, then ours is a paradise.

Our full-service gear and instrument storage is handled solely by qualified staff, who maintain our secure, temperature-controlled facility.  No more cracks, dried and loosened glue joints, or corrosion.

Inventory control assures that every piece of your gear is logged in and out, computerized, serial-numbered and then released only to you or your authorized agent.

Your gear is stored to give you both the access and the protection you have been searching for.  When required, maintenance, restoration, renovation and even eBay sales services can all be handled on-site.

Your gear will be ready when you want it and how you want it.  Delivery, setup, breakdown, and return are all handled by the same qualified staff.  You’ll have a direct line to management (and Lon) throughout, giving you the peace of mind to focus on doing what you love the most.

If you’d like to stop by for a tour of our storage facilities or have any questions that need answering, we invite you to call us at (818) 762-1195.