“The music you make is shaped by what you play it on” – Mark Knopfler

“Backline” is defined as: “the instruments that the musicians play… from guitars and bass guitars, to keyboards and organs, to drum kits and various percussion instruments…” Essentially, everything behind the musician that is needed for them to perform.

What the definition doesn’t mention is how the condition, tone, playability and vibe of those instruments can dramatically affect the musician’s experience and in turn, their performance.

Our instruments are all hand-selected with these characteristics in mind. With a background in recording studios going back over 30 years, Lon learned early on the importance of gear quality and that when a microphone is placed in front of something, there’s no hiding. “It has to be stunning”
he says. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a recording session, live concert, or television performance… when the musician picks up the instrument, it has to “sing”, it has to be “alive” and it has to be setup and maintained with “precision”. Only in this way will the musician be inspired and the juices flow..